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Our vision and mission is to facilitate student to hold high, the torch of learning and keep it burning bright, spread the light of wisdom and human values into the dark corners, banishing ignorance, prejudices and fears. Jyoti School helps the students in the right formation of their harmonious development of physical, mental and moral power so as to make them mentally sound, physically fit emotionally balanced, patriotic citizens of our country. The school provide modern education, laying stress on moral and ethical value. Development of the mind body and spirit all round development of the children are the priorities of Jyoti School. The School aims at excellence in educational technology, computer, audio visual aids, Language Science, Math’s, Robotic Labs, Digi Smart Classes etc. combined with co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

The School offers ample opportunities to a student for the development of his/her personality, enabling him/her to tackle any situation in life with confidence. The school lays great importance to inculcate moral values and discipline in each student. Above all, the school ensures that its students learn to live with others, irrespective of race, caste, faith or status

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E-mail: jyotischool1973@gmail.com